Who: Jenny Burkett & Miriam Reinhold
When: June 9th thru June 17th, 2019
What: “Awakening Europe” Outreach-volunteering at the evangelistic stadium crusade, street evangelism, and intercession
Where: Vienna, Austria
Cost: -/- 
Who: Mehaffie Family from GNC, joining “412 Youth Group” at EnolaCOG
When: June 29th thru June 6th, 2019
What: VBS for the Navajo people, Gamerco community projects, ministry to local missionaries and youth of the Church of God
Where: Gamerco, New Mexico
Cost: $600/team member
*Donations to “Enola First Church of God”

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Fajardo Family
Josh and Susy Fajardo
Myers Family
Ken and Letty Myers

 Charles & Elyse Jones