The Seven Stories of Hope​ by Jeff Sundell
A Discovery Bible study to lead with far people who are from God
Sword Bible Study Method

1) Hope for the Rejected: The Sinful Woman – Luke 7:36-50
2) Hope for the Non-Religious: (Pharisee & Tax Collector) – Luke 18:9-17
3) Hope Changes things: (Zacchaeus) – Luke 19:1-10
4) Hope Forgives: (Unforgiving Servant) – Matthew 18:21-35
5) Hope Through Death: (Thieves on the Cross) – Luke 22:66 – 23:25
6) Hope Rose from the Dead: (Resurrection) – Luke 24:1-20
7) Hope is Waiting for You: (Prodigal Son) – Luke 15:11-32
Download the full .pdf here: 7StoriesofHope.docx
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